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Kale Chips

As a power house of nutrients especially vit. K & A, anti-cancer & anti-inflammatory properties just to name a few. Adding kale to your diet is a fabulous idea... except who knows how, or has the time to cook greens??

Fitness Trends For 2013 – Worldwide Survey

This annual survey is now in its seventh consecutive year. The 2013 American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends supported previous trends and also reinforced the deletion of three trends that [...]

Mediterranean Foods Result In Greater Weight Loss

Next time you pass by a Greek or Lebanese restaurant STOP & DIG IN!

Concussion Tool Kit For Youth

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine has developed a toolkit aimed at getting everyone on the same page when it comes to treating and managing student-athlete’s concussion Columbus, OH September 11, 2012 According to a recent [...]

Which Chest Exercise Is Most Effective?

“We took nine of the most common chest exercises performed by men and women, and tested which one elicited the highest level of muscle activation,” said ACE Chief Science Officer Cedric Bryant, Ph.D. Harvey [...]

Antibacterial Soaps & Hand Sanitizers Reduces Muscle Contraction

This common antibacterial ingredient causes loss of both cardiac and skeletal muscle contractions, which could increase risks of heart disease and heart failure...