Rapid Refuel Revolution™

Rapid Refuel Revolution is a unique formulation that can function as a killer pre-, intra-, or post-workout! However, our lawyers have asked us to advise you not to take it pre-, intra-, AND post-workout, as you will simply become too monstrous. No matter which time you choose, Rapid Refuel Revolution supplies top-notch carbohydrate and protein in an effective 2:1 ratio for ultimate gains.

Fast-digesting proteins and free amino acids – Whey proteins and protein hydrolysates are the fastest, most easily digested proteins available today. Combined with free amino acids, this ramps up muscle anabolism almost instantly.
Cyclodextric Carbohydrate Complex – Provides quick carbohydrates to fill muscles with glycogen and slow carbohydrates to keep the muscles fed.
Citrulline Malate – A dual-threat: Provides huge boosts to training volume and stimulates nitric oxide production. More training volume. Bigger pumps. Maximized gains.
Creatine – The most effective muscle-building supplement ever found. Even more effective when coupled with the Cyclodextric Carbohydrate Complex!
Ursolic Acid – An ayurvedic herb known as Holy Basil. Acts as an antioxidant and adaptogen to resist the harmful effects of free radicals and reduce perceptions of stress.

It is as simple as this: Rapid Refuel Revolution is perfect for getting you started, keeping you going, and allowing you to finish right. Rapid Refuel Revolution is the ultimate glycogen replenishment product. With complex tiers of carbohydrates and mTOR Activators, Rapid Refuel Revolution will help you recover faster after your workouts and drive key nutrients into your muscles in the most efficient way possible.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Product Description


– Unique formulation that can function as a killer pre-, intra-, or post-workout
– Anabolic & mTor matrix to help pack on lean mass*
– Fast digesting proteins & amino acids for muscle growth & recovery*
– Supercarbs to help replenish muscle glycogen*
– Creatine MagnaPower® to rapidly replenish ATP stores*
– Delicious flavors


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