MuscleSport Kre4Max™ represents a true breakthrough in creatine supplementation. Scientifically developed using three forms of highly bioavailable creatine, Kre4Max™ helps saturate and boost normal levels of creatine found in the body, leading to increased rates of ATP resynthesis and robust gains in strength, stamina, and lean muscle growth. What’s more, because Kre4Max™ is highly soluble and absorbed rapidly by the body no loading phase is required and you won’t experience the bloating or cramping often associated with taking a straight creatine monohydrate. To top off this revolutionary ergogenic formula we added a unique absorption matrix to increase the bioavailability of the other active ingredients found in Kre4Max™ and Hydromax™ to enhance plasma and intramuscular volume expansion leading to massive pumps. No other creatine formula comes close to matching the quality and efficacy of the ingredients in Kre4Max™. As they say “the proof is in the pudding.” Take a close look at the Kre4Max™ label and you will be hard pressed not to make it your go to creatine complex.

Kre-Alkalyn® Buffered Creatine Monohydrate – A pH correct creatine™ that is more soluble and stable than regular creatine monohydrate. All the gains in strength and size without the loading, cramping or bloating.
Creatine MagnaPower – A magnesium chelate-bound form of creatine inhibits conversion to creatinine so that more may be soaked up into the musculature.
Creatine HCL – Absorbed by the body 60% better than creatine monohydrate due to the hydrochloride group which lowers pH, increases solubility, and prevents stomach issues.
Hydromax™ – Enhances plasma and intramuscular volume expansion, producing a more engorged muscular appearance.
Fenugreek Extract – Carbohydrates and insulin improve creatine uptake, and fenugreek boosts insulin sensitivity to produce the same effect but without all the calories of carbs.

At MuscleSport innovation is the name of the game and we do it better than anyone. This innovation can easily be seen in the countless hours that were spent on the research and development of Kre4Max™. With the top 3 forms of pharmaceutical-grade, clinically-dosed creatine, Hydromax™ and a potent Bio-Absorption Matrix, Kre4Max™ is built for one purpose – to help you achieve unreal gains in strength and size.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Product Description


– Three forms of highly bioavailable creatine
– Enhances muscle size, strength, and power*
– Rapid ATP resynthesis*
– Delays fatigue*
– Cell volumizing matrix for massive pumps*
– No loading phase


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